Accredited Home Inspector License # 48448

Inspection Tips


Vancouver Home Inspection Tips

7 Tips from the Inspector when viewing a property for the first time:

  1. Try some of the doors and windows.  If they bind the house may have settled.
  2. Check the main circuit breaker size.  Most houses are now being built with 125-200 AMP systems – 100 AMP is suitable for a single residence.
  3. Check the roof covering in general.  If the shingles are cracked, curled or separated, there may be some cost in the near future.
  4. Look at the items in the basement.  When you see everything up on wood or skids, could be wet basement at times – it may even smell musty.
  5. Flush the toilets to see them work.  If they gurgle or flush slowly, it could be a vent or drain problem.
  6. Check the slope of the ground.  Water should always flow away from the building.
  7. Look around the edges of the skylights.  Stains or repairs might indicate leakage.